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We have a large range of speakers to cover every type of event or venue, with power amplifiers to match by Chevin, Carver and Yamaha.

The EV ZX1 is an award winning speaker with an 8" bass driver and 1" HF driver on a 90 x 50 rotatable horn, and sound very smooth with a remarkably good bass response for a speaker of this size. Can be used as a foh speaker or floor monitor.

EV SX300 has a 12" bass driver and a 1" HF driver on a 65 x 65 horn. Will take more power than the ZX1, with better bass response.
It can be used for foh or as a monitor with a floor mount.

Renkus-Heinz CFX121 is a high quality full range speaker with a 12" bass driver and a 2" HF driver on a 90 x 60 complex conic horn.
We also have its small sibling the CFX61, with a 6" bass driver and a 1" horn with a 120 horizontal dispersion, very useful as a front fill, and the slighlty larger TRX62, with two 6" LF drivers and a 1" horn with a 150 horizontal dispersion.

Amadeus are a great French manufacturer who make wonderful sounding loudspeakers.
We stock the high power MPB600, with a 12" bass driver and a 2" HF driver on a 90 x 40 horn, and the CX12 monitor, with a coaxial 12" bass driver/2" HF driver with an 80 degree conical dispersion pattern.

Nexo is another great French make and we stock the PS10, with a 10" bass driver and 1.5" HF driver on a rotatable asymmetric horn, giving narrower 60 degree coverage at the top of the horn and 100 degrees at the bottom of the horn.
Excellent for medium power foh applications or as stage monitors, and with the dedicated system controller can be safely driven to high levels.

d&b audioteknik and have a fantastic reputation within the industry. We stock C6, with a 12" LF driver and 2" HF driver, with a 60 x 40 dispersion: useful in churches, or longer rooms, where the tighter dispersion gives more controlled coverage and 'throw'. It's driven by a P1200 amplifier with built in processing and protection. We also have access to d&b Q system: Q1 line array, Q7 fills and Q-subs or J-subs, at competitive rates.

If you need extra sub-bass we stock EAW SB180 sub-bass speakers, with a single 18" driver.

For speech based events, especially in rooms with poor acoustics, we use Nova Audio (excellent German manufacturer) IN8 and IN6 line source column speakers.
With their 100 x 25 dispersion and line source characterisics, they give better coverage, longer 'throw' and more gain before feedback than conventional 2-way speakers.
Also useful where space is an issue (as in old style theatres with a narrow proscenium opening), as they measure just 130mm wide.

We are happy to give advice on choosing the best speaker package to suit specific events and venues.

          d&b C6                               EV ZX1                   Nova IN8           Amadeus MPB600

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